Kaye SturgisHi there! Welcome to my website. I am here to offer loving service to you with my life's work: Astrology, Tarot, Angels, Spirit World Communications and other Wisdom Teachings.

My work is dedicated to the search and discovery of who we really are, what we're doing here and how to live successfully in balance with the immutable Laws of the Universe. Our spiritual connection with the All That Is is an undeniable part of Life. There is a place within all of us that knows this connection. All great Truths lead us within to the Divine Nature that we essentially are. This is my perspective in life and service. . . . . . .

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The Angels Talk: A True Story To Help You Talk To AngelsThe Angels Talk: A True Story To Help You Talk To Angels  originated out of the first edition published in 1997 by Penguin Studio Books. That project began with a dream-vision that came as an answer to a mother’s prayer to help calm the fears of her terminally ill child. But to the co-creators’ surprise, there was an additional benefit from the Angels that helped them and tens of thousands of readers build a bridge of consciousness between the Spiritual Realms and our Human World. Avaliable in print edition from Amazon and on Kindle Books.